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    Traditional human capital management systems treat people like inventory. Talent information is usually badly organised, often held in multiple systems, and usually presented in spreadsheets or one-dimensional graphics. As a result, human resources professionals are limited in their capacity to be commercially relevant.

    Our data visualization software is designed for people who waste too much time in spreadsheets, and burn too much energy creating slides for management.

    Talent Lab is an interactive business intelligence and analytics solution that helps you discover and share the stories behind your human capital data in real time.

    The software unifies people information from multiple sources and converts into stunning visualisation, making analytics easy for everyone.

    Identify talent blind spots, isolate performance outliers and create intuitive dashboards in minutes, allowing you to make accurate talent decisions that save money and build stronger more inclusive teams.

    Talent Lab is available as a hosted or on-premise solution.



    Talent Lab Office


    • We live in a world where products, services and pricing are increasingly undifferentiated. Talent has become the most important asset class for any CEO. Human capital is too precious, too critical to success to not be using world class technology to understand it.
      Sam Jones
      Founder of Data Labs
    • The Sniper module in Talent Lab is genius. It totally interrupts bias in decision making related to promotions and hires.
      Head of Diversity & Inclusion
      Leading Social Media Company
    • I learnt more about our workforce in 30 minutes than I had in 12 months using Talent Lab. Being able to see the entire workforce on one page and isolate issues quickly is incredibly powerful.
      Head of Organisational Effectiveness
      European Investment Bank
    • Talent Lab allows HR professionals to finally play ‘Moneyball’ with employees.
      Chief Operating Officer
      US Health Care provider
    • Using Talent Lab, I was able to understand the total salary bill of the entire company in minutes , and quickly isolate outliers through cluster analysis. Fast, accurate compensation analysis saves our company a lot of money and reduces the risk of losing top talent.
      Head of HR
      UK Law Firm

    public data

    We design software to help organisations take rapid insight from their people information through interactive data visualization.

    To sample our software, check out our library of publicly available data sets.


    House of Commons

    The UK public elects 650 Members of Parliament (MPs) to represent their interests and concerns in the House of Commons. Using Talent Lab interactive visualization, slice data by constituency, political party, gender, age, university, ethnicity, 2013/14 expenses and the party majority.

    Data Sources

    Using Talent Lab interactive visualization, explore the definitive guide to Britain’s wealthiest people, worth a staggering 547 billion pounds.

    Data Source


    Performance statistics from the PGA Tour on the top 50 golfers in the world, as of May 2015.

    Data Source


    Talent Lab is best viewed in Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE 10+

    If you are interested in visualising your talent pool, contact us at



    Data Labs is a British software company. Our mission is to design and build world class visualization tools that help our customers understand their primary asset, people.

    Data Visualization is at the heart of everything we do. Our software designers joined us from the international press, the video gaming industry and NASA to create new ways to understand people information.

    Our work has been recognised and endowed by numerous design awards, including a Webby Award nomination in 2014. Also in 2014, the company was awarded ‘Awesome Startup in HR’ at leading HR conference HR Tech in Las Vegas. Our flagship product is Talent Lab.

    Featuring at…


    Singapore Human Capital Summit



    30 September – 1 October 2015



    Talent Lab

    What are the main features of Talent Lab?

    Data upload – Flexible data upload from any or all of your systems. Unify data from multiple systems within the platform.

    Data cleanse – Sort out messy data with ease with drag and drop tools and data quality visualization.

    User permission platform – Grant users different levels of access to employee data.

    Dashboards – customise dashboards for each user and schedule frequency of delivery.

    Visualization – View your organisation through 7 different visualisation modules.

    Create Presentations – Create reports and share insights quickly and easily via PDF, PowerPoint and Excel.

    Who are the typical users of Talent Lab?

    We work with large enterprises and mid size businesses across all industries.

    Typical users include chief operating officers, heads of talent, diversity & inclusion officers and human resource practitioners.

    How do I upload data to Talent Lab?

    Data can be uploaded from as many spreadsheets / CSV files as you need.

    Data is consolidated and unified in the Talent Lab platform.

    What are the mandatory data requirements per employee?

    Users can add as many tags /attributes as they wish to each employee, including customized tags for your own company.

    The mandatory data required for each employee is as follows:-

    • Unique employee ID
    • Gender
    • Home location
    • Business unit
    • Title / Banding
    • Compensation
    • Start date

    What languages does Talent Lab support?

    Talent Lab supports English.

    How often is the client data refreshed in the system, and is there a standard
    or can we define this?

    This is decided by the customer and can be done daily, monthly, quarterly, ad-hoc whichever frequency is required. Once the initial data transformation work is done as part of the initial implementation; subsequent data refreshes are passed to the system and the incremental data (and leaver data) is added to the system.

    Is there a limit to the number of employees that can be viewed in Talent Lab?

    No, although we have only performance tested the data load up to 1,000,000 employees.

    How many releases per year do you have?

    We use an agile development methodology, and see minor releases and fixes cascaded into the application on a monthly basis; which will be made immediately available to clients who opt to have the application hosted by us. A major upgrade release 4-5 times per year.

    Does the client have to take upgrades?

    Our standard deployment approach is Software as a Service, and all customers remain on the same code-line. As such, yes, all customers do have to take the upgrades.

    Do you have a product roadmap?

    Using an Agile development methodology, means that we build and release features in sprint teams – and this is supported by an underlying direction for the application. Agile methodology allows you to release product enhancements quickly, so the outlook or roadmap is typically mid-to-short term however we’re more than happy to share details of the next release at any given point in time.


    Hosting & Security

    Where does the data reside?

    We host the Talent Lab platform in world-class data centres for clients, unless there is a specific need to deliver the technology behind a client’s firewall (‘on premise’) which can also be delivered.
    In terms of physical location, our data centre partner has facilities in all major markets.

    The data centre meets the following certifications:

    • ISO 27001 security
    • Audited Service Organization Controls SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3
    • ISO 14001 (UK)
    • BSOHSAS 18001 (UK)
    • ISO9001 (UK Enterprise and Support Functions)
    • PCI (Payment Card Industry) and DSS (Data Security Standard) Level 1 Service Provider
    • SafeHarbor
    • CPS (Content Protection and Security Standard)

    How will employee data confidentiality be maintained?

    The data itself is anonymous by nature. The database will not store any personally identifiable information (PII). The only identifier associated with each record is a unique HR ID, which only your HR team can cross-reference with your HR system to obtain PII such as employee name. Data Labs have a strict policy in place that prohibits access to your database – all troubleshooting and testing is done on separate development and testing databases containing dummy data. We would only access the database if and when an issue should be encountered that is specific to your dataset, and in this case we would obtain your written permission before doing so.


    Technology Requirements

    What web browsers do you support?

    Chrome / Android Browser (3.2 or later) / Apple Safari (3.x or later , iOS5.1.1 or later), Microsoft IE 9 or later, Mozilla Firefox 3.x or later.

    Does Talent Lab support mobile devices?

    Talent Lab supports Android, iPhone / iPad.


    Implementation & Support

    How many people do we need in a client project team to implement the service?

    Typically a client project implementation team would be made up of the following:

    • Project sponsor; to drive timeline and internal stakeholders
    • Data Analyst; to facilitate the gathering and transformation of data
    • System User; to own system configuration and design decisions ahead of the launch
    • IT support; to define the client’s IT and infrastructure requirements (e.g. servers, ports, etc.), and in the case of on-site implementation, to install the application.

    What client support is available?

    Phone support, video tutorials, account management. Consulting services also available.
    Clients are assigned a local point of contact from our closest office who acts as their Relationship Manager. From a traditional support point of view we use, a application, to engage and manage customer support tickets online so that all issues are tracked and managed through to a satisfactory conclusion. A premium support contract is available for customers requiring a global support model with a point of contact in each territory.



    What type of pricing plans does Talent Lab offer?

    Free trial, one time license, subscription.

    How much does Talent Lab cost?

    Starting from US$10,000 per user per year.

    For more information contact Talent Lab.

    Do you offer discounts?

    Yes. We offer volume, academic, and non-profit discounts. Contact us for more information.

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    Visit us for a chat and coffee

    Data Labs have offices in London and Singapore.

    Alongside our global alliance partners, we are able to service clients in every region of the world. If you are interested in learning more or seeing a demonstration of our software please email us and a representative will be in touch.




    Press & media enquiries

    We welcome enquiries from members of the press. Please contact us:


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